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Individual Financial Planning Services

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We help our clients reduce taxes, plan for retirement, and preserve and grow their wealth. One of our key objectives is to help our individual clients achieve “financial peace,” that is, being able to live their preferred lifestyle without having undue concerns about their finances, including paying their current expenses, planned purchases, retirement savings, and emergency expenditures. Our process is simple but imperative: We need to understand each person’s unique financial needs, expectations, and their long-term goals. We can then apply our experience and expertise to customize an approach for that individual.

We will provide you with the following services:

Retirement Planning
Financial Planning
Tax Planning
Estate Planning
Life Events Planning
Life Insurance/Disability Insurance
Wealth Management
1031 Exchange REIT
Annuities Income Products
Tax-Free Income Solutions

We offer all new clients a free consultation to:

Obtain a detailed understanding of their financial goals;
Assess their current financial situation;
Identify potential problems and inefficiencies; and
Discuss how our financial planning services may be used to help our clients achieve their financial goals.

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Isakov Planning Group brings industry leading resources and expertise to help our clients pursue and achieve their financial goals.