In our last communication, we discussed the importance of achieving “financial peace.” In this article, we go to the heart of the matter: how to achieve it.

When speaking with our clients, we often mention the term “financial peace.” What is it? Like the name implies, it means achieving a sense of security that your financial needs are being met today and will be met tomorrow. That is pretty much the same definition for everyone.

When thinking about investing over the long term, most people will say that financial independence is a key goal. However, simply earning money and paying bills is not the best way to achieve that goal.

If you have been careful about saving your money over the years and stuck with a solid investment plan, your nest egg will have grown considerably.

This year has been a strange one for all of us! In light of the alarming events that we’ve experienced in 2020, this is also the anniversary of my 10th year at Isakov Planning Group! This year in particular, it is easy to overlook the true basis of business relationships—our connection to you. We are grateful for our close association with you! Thank you for your trust in Isakov Planning Group and for your past referrals.

It’s a common plight among small business owners: Taking on too many responsibilities, only to figure out later that others can do these tasks more efficiently.

“Barbara, I don’t mean to pry,” said her family’s long-time attorney, “but did you or Roger manage your home finances?”

Two weeks earlier, Barbara lost her husband of 30 years only to a heart attack. The emotional toll has been terrible, but still she knew the importance of this question. Barbara worried about it often. “It was Roger,” she replied. “He wrote the checks, paid the bills, managed the budgets, everything. And I’m not even sure how to order new checks. What should I do next?”

Social distancing, check. Mask, check. Weekly run to the food store, check. Zoom call with your parents, check. Worry about your job and kids not in school, check!