About Us

Meet Eugene

Eugene Kuntorovsky, Owner / Financial Advisor

Isakov Planning Group brings industry leading resources and expertise to help our clients pursue and achieve their financial goals.

It all starts with a conversation with an Isakov Planning Group Financial Advisor. You and your financial advisor will detail your aspirations, passions, and dreams and draw the blueprint for pursuing and achieving them. This is accomplished by clarifying your short- and long-term goals, and carefully considering your risk tolerance and investment timelines. Remember, life is not a series of planned events.

Our Process

Our process allows you and your financial advisor to develop effective and elastic solutions that can adjust with changes in your own priorities and with movements in the global markets. Your financial advisor will be able to recalibrate your current strategies to ensure you remain on track to reaching your goals.

What to expect

As a client, your Isakov Planning Group Financial Advisor will work closely with you to develop a tailored financial program to help you get on track and ultimately achieve your financial objectives. Every day, we work with our clients to save for their retirement, to reduce their taxes, to build and preserve wealth, and to create a lasting legacy of wealth for their families.


Office Locations

671 2nd Street Pike, Southampton, PA 18966

1346 How Ln, North Brunswick, NJ 08901

1501 Broadway 12 TH Floor New York, NY 10017