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Know Your Money and Define Its Purpose

Know Your Money and Define Its Purpose - Isakov Planning

When thinking about investing over the long term, most people will say that financial independence is a key goal. However, simply earning money and paying bills is not the best way to achieve that goal.

We believe that the best way to earn financial independence is to take an activist view: First, know your money and what it can do. This isn’t about clients asking, “How much money do I need to set aside for my retirement?” Second, know how your money is being invested. Third, and perhaps the most intriguing, is know why you are investing and match that with your actions.

Investing With Purpose: What Does That Mean, Exactly?
Investing with purpose simply means that you are focused on a financial goal.
Having clear reasons or purposes for investing is critical to investing successfully. Like training at a gym, investing can become difficult, tedious, and even dangerous if you lack focus.

Why are you investing? It is okay if you have many different answers to this question, but there is a big problem if you have no answer at all. Investing is like driving—it is best done with your eyes open.

• It is always better to set a goal so you know why you are investing your money.
• Investing for a specific goal, such as buying a home (or better yet, paying off the home), requires reasoning and commitment.
• Investing for retirement is a long-term process that calls for a specific strategy. Instead of grey and old, think of retirement as debt-free, bill-free, and using your time for what you want to do.

Whatever your goal and motivation, it must have purpose and be defined. This is where our firm can be a great help. We can ask the right questions and answer all of yours in order to create a clear guide about your short- and long-term goals. We can show you how you can get there. Your purpose and motivation will lead to a great investment and savings strategy.

It’s time to take action with a purpose: Decide how you want to live and what you need to achieve that goal. Start the conversation with us.

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